Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hart turns 2

Hart loves Mickey Mouse! When we went to Disney World a month before his second birthday, he would search all around and point him out everytime he saw him. "There's Mickey Mouse!" was something we heard quite often on our trip. His birthday just had to reflect his love for Mickey! On November 17th we celebrated his 2nd birthday with lots of Mickey Mouse fun! We had a bouncy house/slide, a piƱata, balloons galore, fun food, and a chocolate cookie cake. Hart is such a sweet little boy with a wild side as well. He knows how flash his brown puppy dog eyes to get what he wants and uses his big bear hugs to make everyone smile. His favorite things are scootering down the sidewalk with his brothers, digging in dirt, taking walks in the neighborhood, monkey drinks, yogurt, gummies, hot wheels cars, paw patrol, reading books, and having us sing him Lullabye to sleep. Happy 2nd BirthdHart!


We love you, Harty!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Leo is 5!

My first baby boy is now a handful of fingers old!  Leo is Five!!
He requested a Spiderman birthday party this year and wanted to invite all of his best friends from his class.  These kids were in the same 3 year old preschool class and were incredibly lucky to all move up together into the same VPK class.  They are the sweetest, cutest group of boys ever and I'm so glad Leo has found such great buddies in them all.  

For the party I made a gigantic spider web out of yarn in the hallway and made a NY city skyline on the wall.  Then we threw around some black and white balloons and some spiderwebs throughout the house for the decorations.  Leo also wanted a bouncy house/slide combo, a pinata, and to play pin the web on Spiderman.  For food I served chik fil a nuggets, hotdogs, chips, and fruit and for his cake he requested chocolate cupcakes.  I whipped up a batch and made red chocolate spider webs for the top. The favors were spiderman cookies from cinottis, spiderman stickers, and "Spidey Spray" (silly string).  The boys had a great time "hanging" out together!

On his real birthday he woke up to a brand new big boy bike with handlebar brakes and a black razor helmet and also a "How to Train your Dragon" toy.  Leo wanted to eat dinner at Dick's Wings and have ice cream at home afterwards.

Leo, you continue to make Mommy and Daddy so very proud!  You are everyone's best friend, your classmates adore you (your teachers tell us they all want to do whatever you are doing and fight over who gets to rest next to you during nap time), you are the mediator at home and try to resolve any conflict to make sure everyone is happy, you love to color, play with legos (you are a master builder), play independently with your tiny toys, still snuggle with Bashful at night, you are a great eater, and prefer to drink water or chocolate milk, you love to zoom up and down our street and into the cul de sac on your bike, and you love to play with Max and Bryce across the street and even though they are 6 years older then you, they love it too!  We love you so much little potato head!

Happy 5th Birthday!